Комплексные решения поставки электронных компонентов


The work of distribution and promotion of IC Specpostavka foreign partners' production on the Russian market is based on long-term agreements of mutual cooperation:

  • Distribution contracts and official certificates from 8 companies (Altechna, LightComm, II-VI Laser Enterprise, ID Quantique etc.);
  • Projects registration and special conditions on them;
  • Commission fee in case of direct sales under registered projects;
  • Forwarding to us the leads received directly from Russia;
  • Sharing marketing costs (marketing fund);
  • Regular joint visits to customers.

Our main partners:

  • LightComm (a leading, innovative company of fiber optical components)
  • LMWawe (development and production innovation MicroWave technique and components)
  • Altechna (a supplier of laser related products and solutions)
  • BWT (developing and manufacturing of high performance diode laser components and subsystems)
  • II-VI Enterprise (an industry-leading manufacturer of high-power semiconductor laser components enabling fiber and direct diode laser systems)

We hope to build new relationships with other worldwide manufactures to help them enter the Russian market.