Комплексные решения поставки электронных компонентов

“MAKS-2015” over!

Aviation and space saloon “MAKS-2015” in Zhukovsky was completed on 30th of August and IC Specpostavka as one of participants is delighted to give a high appraisal of the exhibition run in an unstable political and economic environment.

The interest in new product lines exhibited at IC Specpostavka booth was discovered, a lot of meetings and negotiations were conducted and contacts with new manufacturers were established during the saloon.

We at IC Specpostavka is grateful to our partners for kind attention to “MAKS-2015”, and energetic participation in negotiations and meetings. We thank you for finding time and opportunity to join us at “MAKS-2015”.

We will be glad to see you at “MAKS-2017”!